How to set up Cname for a custom domain

Setting up a cname can be a little tricky, here is a list that may assist. However once you have set up the domain, we will provide a FREE SSL certificate to your custom domain.

Creating a custom domain can be a little tricky depending on your provider, we have added some guides here for some of the more common domain hosts, but the basics are this.

  • Go to your domain name provider.

  • Click in your DNS settings

  • Create a CNAME record, use the @ symbol for the HOSTS and then add as the URL.

  • Then redirect to

CNAME records can take a few days to propagate. You will know that the CNAME account has been created correctly when you see an error message from Adsoup, asking you to email. If you see that message, please contact staff and they can finalise the setup.

If you see this text after setting up, you have done it correctly!