Pipeline breakout

Some detail on your pipeline over a set date range.

Getting some deatil on your sales pipline, will help you make better decisions on sales and marketing in the future.

In this you can see:

  • The sales pipeline

  • The Drop rate

  • Loss reasons

  • Deals on hold.

The sales pipeline

This is all the deals you have in the pipeline at any given time, you will select the time rage with the date picker.

The Drop rate

If you have leads drop out of any stage of your pipeline you will see a % percentage figure. This shows you what % of all of the leads dropped out at this specific stage.

Loss reasons

Every sale that is lost, needs to have a loss reason selected, this means that you will know what the reason for the drops are, but in this stage you will see what is the most common reason for losing a deal in a specific stage of your pipeline.

Deals on hold

This will show you all the deals on hold that are at this stage of the pipeline, it will not count deals on hold, as a dropped lead.