Losing lead

Losing leads is part of the sale process

Every sales person loses leads over time, and there are a standard numebr of reasons why, we have some default reasons that you can review in your sales reporting, and it will give you a very good understanding of how your product fares against your competition, but also how your staff are performing.

Customer service

Customer serivice is a standard reason for losing a potential sale, purely becasue it was a general enquiry or it was an existing customer that was reaching out for an update.


If you have a numebr of unqualifed leads coming in to your pipline, you need to reassess the quality of your marketing or website copy. Unqualifed leads mean that the expectation on your service that the customer has, is different from your requirements as a customer. lots of unqualifed leads, means you are probably wasting money on ads that are sending the wrong type of customer.

Too expensive

Leads that are being lost becasue you are too expensive, is not always becasue you are too expensive, but it means that the customers expectations were not met early enough, or your website or marketing copy is not informing the customer well enough. A common mistake for business, is to not show pricing on their website, causing or forcing a potential lead to have to make an enquiry to find out a costing. This can lead to wasted sales time and effort trying to sell to a customer who was not qualifed based on pricing.

Bad followup

Not all sales people will mark this as a reason for a lost lead, but its important that your team do, if it was becaseu of a lack of following up.

Changed mind

Its very common for a customer to change their mind, about using or buying your serivce, however if you focus on early qualification on the customer before they move into your pipeline, you can reduce this lost reason greatly.

Chose another supplyer

If you can investigate the reasons why they went somewhere else, you can determine if there are any changes that you need to make to your business to be more competitive.


Pretty common when your customer just dissappears. best case is to put the lead on hold for a few weeks and then reach out again, do this a few times as you may be able to get the sale eventually.