Leads or Tickets

There are two modes for this service, Sales and Customer service.


If you choose the sales version, you will see all the reporting as well as functions that are related to managing your leads from enquiry to invoicing, and you can start to track the spend you have on any digital marketing channel, through to the amount of income that, that campaign is generating for your business.

Your leads are treated as a Deal, and you can add a financial amount to each lead that comes in. This may be a sale, a booking or anything that you consider a deal that starts at a converstaion and ends in an invoice.

Customer service

If you're not selling anything, or you are usiong this tool to manage your after sales customers, and giving them easy points of contact, then you will use the customer service view. This allows you to treat each communication as a Ticket, you can give the ticket a name and there are in fincancials associated to it. It's still going to be managed the same as a sales lead, but there is more focused on customer service, than selling.