Managing Leads

Leads are the heart of your business, without leads, there are no sales!

There are 4 states to any lead in a sales or ticket pipline.


Any time you get an inbound message, from any channel, from a lead that hasn't messaged you before, it will come into your new stage.

New leads come to the new tab

New leads are yet to be assigned or picked up for response by a staff member.

Anyone can pick up a lead

You can assign a lead to yourself or any other staff member at this time.

Additionally, if you have your Bot running, it will manage leads at the new stage, so you can review the conversation before assigning or collecting it.


A working lead is a lead that has been assigned, and you are working on assesing the quality of it, before putting it into your pipeline. It's at this stage that you determine the quality and probabiliyt of the lead. Adversly if you are using this as your customer service tool, you would use this section to assess who you need to move this lead too.


A pipline is the process that you decide on to move your sale from an enquiry to an invoiced customer.

There is a default set of stages that are provided for you, however you can edit them at any time.

If you click on the Tickets/ Pipeline button you will see a highlevel overview of all the deals/ tickets you have in your pipline, and you can drag and drop them into any stage as you require.

Closed/ Won

The final stage to any sale is winning the sale of course, so when you have moved the lead/ to the final stage of your pipline, in this case "closing" you will see a tick icon appear. When you have closed the deal select the tick icon and it will move into the "Customers" or "Won" section.

You currently can't move a lead from Won, back into the pipeline.