Bring all the converstaion channels into one thread

Merging leads is a strength of this application, as a lead can start off on livechat, move to email, then when you are planning a meeting, move to whatsapp or SMS. The power in merging is that you can bring all these channels from your one lead into one thread, so they can be on any service, and you only ever need to be in one.

In this case we have two leads from Ronnne De Beauchamp. The top lead is Facebook & email, and the bottom is Livechat and email. The fact that we can see email on the two leads, only means that we have an emai address present in the email field on their deatils.

Lets join these leads together.

1 - Click merge

Click Merge
Select Yes

2 - Select the lead cards you want to merge.

You can select leads from anywhere in your service, but not new.

3 - Select merge. You will then be asked to select a master lead, select either, and it will then merge the leads and combine all your conversation histroy into one thread sorted by date.