Live Chat

Be avalible when customers are at the store!

To set up livechat you have a few steps to undertake to best customise your widget.

Connect a website

Name the website

You can have as many sites as you require with a livechat, as well as landing pages that are not on your standard domain, we receommend you name each instance of your chat widgets to allow for better site management.

Add your welcome message and select what data you want to capture

It's best practice to get some deatils from your customers when they start a conversation, especially if you can get their email and phone, so you can instantly follow them up, if you miss the first message, without needing to change tools. The welcome message is the first message that a user will see when they open the chat. The Call to action message is the second message they will see, without your manual input.

Customise the look of your widget

You can change the Header colors as well as the colour of your chat icon. You can set the text colour, the background colour of the chat box. and the highlight colour of the widget. To change these after you have saved the widget into your site, you will need to edit the code directly, or create a new widget.

Auto-open settings

This will set the welcome box to open when a user first comes to your site.

Copy the script into your website