Best use

Customers and leads are using messaging, as their daily forms of communication, more than ever, so you need to be able to enable them to reach out, on any channel that they are comfortable with. To get the most from this you will need to create an account with the following services.

  • Facebook pages

  • Facebook business manager

  • Twilio

  • Line@ (business)

  • Dialogueflow

This will enable you to be able to connect all the services to make a powerful service that works for you 24 hours a day.

  • Facebook Lead gen

    • If you are running paid ads on Facebook you can pay for leads from Facebook, they will fill in a form, without leaving Facebook, and you will receive the lead directly in your dashboard. The moment they submit it.

  • Facebook pages messaging

    • Every business needs a facebook page, its an easy to find contact point for your business. It allows you to connect to your customers through Facebook, without having to give away your personal details.

  • IMAP email

    • All email accounts operate in one of two ways, POP or IMAP. IMAP is a way that your emails will synch up across multiple tools or clients, and if you delete an email in one service, it will be deleted from all services.

  • Live chat

    • Having an instant response contact point on your website is critical to converting a lead right when they are the most likely to buy or enquire about your services.

  • SMS

    • Eveyone has a phone, everyone has a phone number and every phone has the ability to SMS. Its persistant on a phone, you don't need to be personally "friend requested" to reach out and its very cheap!

  • Whatsapp

    • Next to Facebook messenger, Whatsapp is the most used communication tool in the world with over 1.5 billion users around the world. If people aren't using SMS, then they are using Whatsapp

  • Line

    • A close follower to Whatsapp, Line is Asia's favorite messaging tool

  • Dialogueflow

    • This is the free, Google powered chat bot that you can use to power your instant responses when you're out of office. Dialogueflow can manage multiple languages, natural language processing and if you can code, you can build in flows that will query databases, and much much more. Integrating dialogueflow into your service stack will allow you to have a chatbot across almost every channel you have in the stack.